Written June 2023 by Sophie Lloyd and Laura Smith. Review date June 2024

Happy Babies LTD provides an opportunity for babies 0-15 months  to experience a variety of sensory play experiences with their parents/caregivers. Babies in the group will explore using all their senses through a variety of exciting and engaging activities supporting their development, they will also develop socially amongst other young babies their age. Adults attending the classes will be able to meet other parents/carers in a safe and supportive environment. 

From September 2023 the group will be running in 4 different venues around Ipswich and surrounding areas. The 4 venues are: Kesgrave Scouts Hall, Bucklesham Village Hall, Ufford Community Hall and Whitehouse Forge Studio in Henley. 


Each 1 hour session involves around 30 minutes of a directed sensory play class with one of the class leaders; Sophie Lloyd or Laura Smith. Both class leaders are co-founders of Happy Babies Ltd and are former Primary School Teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Early Years Sector. Both leaders are mothers to two young children and are passionate about early education and the need to support parents in the community. The first 30 minutes includes many aspects essential to young babies' development. Including, tummy time, physical contact, rhymes and songs and sensory exploration. During this time, parents/carers are given simple directions on activities or movements to do with their babies if they wish to do so. The class leader will explain, where possible, the reason behind each aspect or the benefits to the baby. This section of the class is underpinned through a simple story whereby the leader takes them on a journey related to the weekly topic. 

The second half of each class invites Happy Baby members to explore the  ‘play zone’ set up to match the theme of the session. This play area involves a range of age-appropriate activities planned to stimulate the babies and support their development. Good quality toys and resources will be provided for the young babies to explore under the supervision of their caregiver. This time will give adults the opportunity to engage with other adults, as well as giving the babies more time to interact with each other, a critical part of babies social development. The class leader will be present at this time, engaging with parents and babies and supporting development where possible. They will also provide an ‘extra’ class-leader activity for the customers to explore at their own choice such as a  messy play activity, a photo opportunity or a tutorial on how to make a homemade sensory toy. During this time, adults will be invited to help themselves to refreshments, including homemade cakes. The class leader will create a relaxed and comforting environment whereby adults are supported and feel able to seek help and advice where needed. If the class leader cannot offer professional help and advice to the customer, they will try to find a professional or service to help in future sessions. All activities are planned carefully by class leaders and founders of the company; Sophie Lloyd and Laura Smith. During every session, each leader will be working hard in supporting parents to engage with each other, if they wish to do so. They understand first-hand how lonely parenthood can be and truly believe in the importance of having a support network. Happy Babies trusts the theory that it takes ‘a whole village to raise a child’. 

Code of Conduct 

All attendees are expected to behave in a respectable manner whilst attending sessions. We promote a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment and require our customers to behave accordingly to maintain this culture at all sessions. All members of Happy Babies must treat each other with kindness and respect. Anybody acting in what we deem as an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave. At Happy Babies, we reserve the right to prohibit an attendee from attending future classes if they do not adhere to the terms and conditions set out in this document. 

Health and Safety  

The parent/carer is entirely responsible for their child/ren whilst attending the session. If anyone attending a session has any allergies to food it is the adults responsibility to ensure that they, or their child does not consume any of these items. All ingredients for refreshments will be available on request. All adults having refreshments are responsible for ensuring they do so safely around the babies and under no circumstance should food or drink be left unattended at child’s reach. At all 4 venues, babies/children are not allowed in the kitchen area and parents/carers are entirely responsible for ensuring their child stays out at all times. Adults are responsible for keeping potentially harmful or breakable items out of children’s reach, particularly if they carry medicines or sharp items in their bags. All external doors will be closed to prevent mobile children getting out of the venue. However, we must reiterate that all parents/carers are responsible for their own children. 

At Happy Babies, we endeavor to keep all attendees safe and free from harm at all times. However, we understand that accidents can happen and injuries can occur. Any accidents or injuries must be recorded in the accident book obtained by the venue and that of Happy Babies. Attendees are responsible for parking safely and sensibly at all venues and vehicles are left at owners’ risk. 

There are baby changing facilities provided at each venue. We ask, where possible, that used nappies are taken away with customers. We also ask that the changing area is wiped down after each use.  No photographs or videos may be taken at the group on personal devices of any child other than the one/s they are attending the group with, unless they have received verbal permission by the other parent/carers. Photo permission is asked for as part of the registration form when booking a class for advertising purposes. At times, a photo opportunity will be available during classes, only those with permission to have their photo taken will be able to take part in these. Photos/videos will be stored and managed by class leaders on password protected devices. They will be sent electronically or printed/handed to the parent/carer of each child with permission only.

Class leaders inspect all resources and equipment regularly to ensure they are clean and in good condition as the safety of people attending the class is paramount. However, any broken or damaged toys or equipment must be reported to the leader immediately.  Prior to each session a risk assessment/ Health and safety checklist is undertaken of the venue, facilities and equipment by the class leader. In the absence of the class leader, another suitable leader, approved by Sophie or Laura will be taking the class. This leader will be trained and will carry out the risk assessment prior to the start of the class. Please remember that should your child vomit or have diarrhoea, they must NOT attend the group for 48 hours after the last episode. Should your child have any infectious disease, they should not attend until they are fully recovered.  If you are unsure, please contact Happy Babies LTD directly. 

Child protection 

Whilst the staff at Happy Babies Ltd make every effort to ensure the safety and safeguarding of the children in attendance it should be stressed that the parents/carers are responsible for the children they bring at all times. 

We have regard to the Government’s statutory guidance ‘Working together to Safeguard Children’. Our class leaders; Sophie Lloyd and Laura Smith co-ordinate child protection issues should they arise. We must stress that children/babies are their parents/carers responsibility at all times during Happy Baby sessions. We recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s business and if we have a concern about anyone attending our classes we will report a concern to the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership at: Concerned — Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (suffolksp.org.uk) or contact a MASH Professional on 0345 606 14 99. If we have reason to suspect a child or vulnerable adult is in danger and at risk of immediate harm, we will contact 999. 

Happy Babies Ltd safeguarding policy is available on request.

Should the fire alarm ring at any venue, the adults attending the class are responsible for assisting their baby/child in getting out of the building and to the designated area. The fire exits and meeting point will be shared at the start of the session. Each adult will be asked to sign themselves and all attendees into the building via a sign in sheet on arrival or this may be done electronically. This will be checked to make sure everyone is present during an evacuation. If a real fire or other emergency requiring help has occurred the emergency services will be contacted as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Activities and equipment  

We provide equipment and resources that are safe for the ages and stages of the children attending the sessions. Some resources are home made and include the use of materials that could be dangerous to small children if left unattended. However, we ensure that no baby is left unattended at any point during the sessions and ask that parent/carers supervise them at all time.  The layout of play equipment allows adults and children to move safely and freely between activities. All equipment is regularly checked for cleanliness and safety and any broken items are repaired or discarded. All materials used, including paint and glue at times are non-toxic. In the event of a messy play activity, care should be taken when walking around near it as the floor may be wet or slippery. Parents/carers are to supervise their children during these activities at all times. 

Illness and first aid  

We ask parents/carers and children who are unwell not to attend the sessions to ensure that they recover from the illness as swiftly as possible and to prevent the infection of other children and adults.  In the instance of vomiting or diarrhoea, parents/carers/children are asked to wait for 48 hours after the last occurrence before attending.  There is a first aid kit available at all venues for any minor injuries. Parents/carers are responsible for carrying out first aid on their own child/ren. The class leader will assist with seeking medical help by calling an emergency service where needed.

Food hygiene  

We maintain the highest possible food hygiene standards with regard to the purchase, storage, preparation and serving of food. Food is stored at correct temperatures and is checked to ensure it is in-date and not subject to contamination by pests, rodents or mould. Food preparation areas are cleaned before use as well as after use. A full list of ingredients can be shown on request. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  

Happy Babies attendees are asked to provide full names of themselves and their baby/s including the age of their child, email addresses and a postcode when they make a booking. These details are taken with the adults consent and free will. If you do not wish to share this information then do not fill out the registration form. A paper copy of these details will be stored securely in a folder stored by the business owners. Electronic copies are stored securely on a password protected device. When attendees leave the group If an attendee wishes for their data to be removed from Happy Babies records at any time, they can request by contacting Happy Babies Ltd via email.  Email addresses and personal information is not shared with any third parties and are used purely for Happy Babies. This information is used only for the smooth running of the business including for communication with customers and to ensure classes are fit for the ages of the children. We ask that you provide these details in order that we are able to communicate with you regarding any changes to dates and times of sessions and information that may be of interest to you. We ask for the child's D.O.B so we can ensure classes are suitable for the age of the children attending. We ask for names for booking purposes, fire safety and to ensure our customers receive a personal welcome on arrival to our sessions.  By subscribing to the Happy Babies newsletter, customers give permission for newsletters' to be sent to the email address provided. If a customer requests to see the information Happy Babies holds of them, they can ask by emailing hello@happy-babies.co.uk. This is also the protocol if a customer requests that their data is not used for a particular purpose or would like their data to be removed from our database. 

Our Privacy Policy is available at www.happy-babies.co.uk

Finances and Bookings

Happy Babies sessions are charged at £8 per session for pay as you go or one off sessions or £7 a session when booked in blocks. This price is as of September 2023 and will be reviewed regularly. Customers will be notified of any changes via email. Payment is taken at the time of booking. The groups take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 40 weeks of the year. Dates and planned holidays are advertised on the Happy Babies website or social media pages. Extra sessions and specials are planned throughout the year and advertised via social media and on the website (These sessions may be charged at a different rate and are separate to the booking of regular classes). The weekly session charge includes refreshments. There are a maximum of 20 family spaces available at each group, though we currently aim to run with 15 at each session. Up to two adults may attend with each baby/child. Unfortunately we cannot allow more than two to ensure there is a safe number of people in each venue.

Sessions are purchased in half (5) or full (10) weekly blocks, with a discount offered to those choosing to sign up for the full 10 week block. Prices as of September 2023 are as follows:

Pay as you go, one off bookings are charged at £8 a session

5 week block £35

10 week block £66.50 

A booking fee will be added to every transaction. All payments are processed through Stripe. 

These prices will be reviewed regularly. Again, customers will be notified of any changes via email.

When spaces are available, customers are able to sign up and join part way through blocks charged at £8 per session. A booking confirmation may be requested when attending classes. If a customer does not attend the group for whatever reason the session fee is non-refundable, please speak to a class leader who may be able to offer an alternative class. This is done at the class leader's discretion and it is not guaranteed. If a class is cancelled by a leader due to unforeseen circumstances an alternative date will be offered where possible, or a discount will be given to attend a seasonal ‘special’. Current attendees are reminded with plenty of notice to sign up to the next 5-10 week blocks to continue their Happy Babies journey before the space may be taken by new customers for each venue. If an attendee has difficulty securing a place for the next block, they can contact hello@happy-babies.co.uk or via social media and a leader will do their best to help and support them. 

Trial sessions may be charged at different rates and new or different offers may arise throughout the year. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you have any questions then please talk to us.

Website address: www.happy-babies.co.uk

Email addresses: hello@happy-babies.co.uk

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