Engaging, Teacher-Led Sensory Play Classes

Sensory Play is a fun and engaging way to promote creativity, sensory exploration, and connections between babies and their parents. Our classes, led by fully qualified teachers, aim to not only further each baby's development but also to enhance parents' knowledge. Having experienced and skilled leaders means that our classes are differentiated and adapted in the moment to fulfil your baby's interests. Our Sensory Play programme offers weekly themed sessions providing babies with a variety of experiences to explore the world around them. Each class takes your baby through a sensory story adventure, creating moments of awe and wonder throughout!

Social Play Zone

Socialising is a crucial part of each baby's overall development, and those who are exposed to these situations at a young age, are more likely to create strong, emotional connections with others. Socialising in the Happy Babies play zone with other babies, parents and caregivers can enable babies to develop a sense of trust and security amongst others, which is vital for their mental and emotional well-being.

and much more...

Being a new parent can be daunting and isolating. By joining our Happy Babies community, we will ensure a variety of opportunities to network with other parents and caregivers, sharing experiences, hints and tips but also gaining that vital emotional support that is so frequently forgotten about. All of this, and more, is present in all of our sessions alongside refreshments.